Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to survive as a computer scientist: Nerd Alarm!

Every time I enter the university, I feel like in another world. Nothing seems like at any other places in the world. If I talk with people outside of the university, they tell me that they thought they could only find the world I am reporting about inside the TV.... So wrong!

I couldn't believe it also at first, but if you study a recent subject you are totally entering the TV stage... You nearly can even sit somewhere at university and make guesses who studies what... Even more embarrassing is the fact that nearly all computer scientists are the stereo-type Nerd! Yes, I tried to find friends from my co-students.... and only the girls in my subject seem to think it is a normal thing to study Computer Science but to NOT talk about programming, webdesign, JAVA Garbage Collectors, the newest CPU, that you should move your HD content every six month and and and and and.... The more crazy is the fact, that you see how they programm their own OS for their new hardcore Notebook, but are not able to pass the first term lecture in programming?!

At first I was a little bit intimidated through the atmosphere I had to freshly deal with. I just came from school and had nothing bad in mind expect that I wanted to study Computer Science... Ok, I have some computer related hobbies, but that's it.... I realized really soon, that I have to be careful what to say to whom... Others won't talk to you anymore if you are not up-to-date for the newest methods to hack into your handy and to program your own funny games on it... Crazy crazy..... Even sooner I realized, that the other students did not like to talk to me as I was not really interested in their discussions... and so, Semester to Semester I just studied class by class and passed them all... while all the others where discussing about their self-made OS, their recent experience with unknown programing languages and and and....... I know I sound maybe arrogant here... I apologize, but I just cannot understand how the others with all their big knowledge cannot pass the classes....

Luckily, I had a course that changed my life: The software engineering laboratory! Without it, none of the computer science girls would have been in so good memory to me... I had a lot of fun and enjoyed it really much.... And from this course I have found my best Computer Science Friend: Maike! She is funny, she is smart, she is capable of everything, works hard and talks no single word about computer science outside of the university! That's what I really needed to cheer up my life... now its 3 years of friendship, and I only can be really happy about it! Yay!!!!

Another hint to all stereo-type scientists: What is so wrong to sometimes deal with people that don't want to deal with all that stuff... and what is so wrong to say "good morning" if somebody who studied in the same class with you says the same to you? huhu.....

So far so good, I know the article is a little bit weird... but i am a green-horn ^_^


  1. Haha..exactly Tony..they should open their mind to new things in life..we need to balance between studying and having fun..Study smart play hard...don't you think?

  2. Yeah! Totally agree... I cannot wait to play again! =)

  3. Just accept the fact that there're not everyone can totally adapt with another... Life is in your hand and only YOU can manipulate your own life. When we studying, we enjoying. When we playing, we're learning... *winks*

  4. Toniiiiiiiii!:)

    screw those people who are so self-involved and ditched you because you don't fit in with them!

    If you don't fit in, so be it. :)It's always nice to be special. hehe.

    Appreciate the true, fun friends that you've found!

  5. Yay ^_^

    Thank you for the good words.... I hope I can control everything the way I want to control it right now.... otherwise i need a Genie ^^

  6. you should move your HD content every six month - I know that you don't feel obliged to answer such question, but please let me know why.

  7. Its about HD failure. It happens quiet often but not that often :)