Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dark Mystery: Introduction before digging inside the topic

During my life, I spent a lot of time with the rules and history of the ancient and medieval ages. Till today, the old times are still fascinating and giving a quite heart-thrilling feeling and atmosphere towards me. My readings and researches about history started with old ancient Egypt. That is already very long time ago, and my interest altered more and more. I am still thinking a lot of mysteries and mysterious events, but I started to tune in my sensors to many different topics, from old to modern. And I realized, it is always the dark side of mystery that interests me the most.

At first, I guess why I am studying computer science and am so interested in it is not to program, or to set up my mobile phone to "everything's possible"-gadgets. I realized I am more fascinated by the idea, that machines or computer could have intelligence one day like humans have. It is a quite creepy and dark suppressing idea, making me once worried and scared, but in the other hand thrilled and excited. That is also one of the topics that I plan to be a main role in the book I want to work on. OK, many said they write a book, and so do I, but I am at least realistic and say, that I am still in research modus and will one day put all what I collected into one.

What does that have to do with my headline? I tell you... it is not only that I feel scared, thrilled or excited by machines.... I somehow even feel awed... Having much of respect to the kind of creation that is possible and has been possible. Somehow, I feel like some kind of a heretic by saying this, and I try to force my will to not go too highly into that field, but somehow this suppressed interest in machines and computational intelligence is always in there, inspiring me, and giving myself many dark ideas.

But I am not only somebody who is affected by the mystery of the machine, in some kind, I am also interested in the capabilities of the human mind. So I think, all this ideas and facts about magic, psi-energy and more... It makes me interested in researching in that fields as well. Somehow, it is quite spooky, and I am not really used to talk about this. But as I thought I want to free what is in my mind through this blog, why shouldn't I give it a try?

Some will think, it is strange to give so much energy and work into things that seem fictional and unrealistic. But I am a man of thoughts, I think a lot, and I have many kind of ideas, some may be also unrealistic. I am not thinking of this things in a childish way, so I think it is not that wrong like I do. And also, I am standing realistic in the world, it is just that I like the idea of there is something we still do not know about, something we can still find an answer too.

Today's, many people think, nearly all answers are given. People tend to think, that science is gonna solve everything.

There are also other mysteries that caught my interest, but maybe it is too much to write it all into one post. So I am gonna split it up in more parts that will appear from time to time. First parts will go deeper inside the machines topic, then I am gonna set a bridge towards the mysteries of the medieval times before I get further with the topic of magic and today's look on heroism.