Friday, May 14, 2010

Dark Mystery: The Vampire

Does not every but have heard many tales of them? From mysterious stalker who appears at night in girl's room till the willing-less monster slaughtering for blood?
But have you ever thought that the whole original vampire thing is just a metapher for humans and for something in the human flesh?

I thought about it for a while, and I got many conclusions. I realized, the Vampire is just a symbol for the feelings inside of humans that are all too well known and maybe hiding in many peoples heart. The vampire dramatizes them in a way that we get aware of such feelings and happenings.

What do I mean, what am I talking about?
The vampire is a dangerous creature, from ugly till unnaturally perfect. The vampire always has desires. Let's begin with the symbol of blood. The vampire is feeling the thirst for it, but don't you see its not about the physically blood, but it goes more deeper: It stands for the warmth of human nearness. The vampire is a monster, a dangerous creature.... somebody who cannot walk through the sun, means who cannot show his true appearance to everybody, who has to walk in shadows and to hide his self. He is a very lonely being. Only through the blood he can feel alive, he can feel that somebody stands close to him.

It is the same with the love a vampire desires really often. As a monster, he is not really to bind himself, he is not really able to let himself fall, but he wants to demand the right to own his own girl, not knowing that with his love he only throws the other girl into another catastrophe and disaster.

So he often waits in the shadows, with purest desire and thirst for love and nearness... for somebody who would be close to him. In fact he is the symbol for all the lonely people out there that have nobody... that do also feed themselves from the small meetings they can get in public places.

In fact, the vampire is not strong and invincible and adorable like he is often seen in movies or novels. He is nothing more than a weak, sad human being, that tries to search for his place to be. As he's a monster, everybody a vampire tries to touch will reveal refusion to him.

So, are you a Vampire? I am not anymore........


  1. so..promoting kain pelikat?
    ok nice try..merah sama dengan kusyen..
    lagi smart dengan baju melayu..songkok..songkok tinggi or rendah?-as nabeyl

    vampire? komen.usualy pontianak cantik in 5seconds only with a nice smell..suddenly turn to ugly with a bad smell..

  2. forgot to mention..when i was kid..2 times i saw ghost..n im not scared that time..maybe i was too idiot that time..dont know wht is it about..
    er..usually only saw their long black hair and white cloth..never saw their face.enough..make me scared now..haha

  3. Hello =)

    i have no tinggi or rendah yet... huhu...

    I am totally afraid and scared of ghosts. You only saw them 2 times in your life, but I see them about 1 or 2 times per month... They all scare me, but I have the experience, that one of the ghosts is super terrifying to me..... he only appears once a year, one times in July... and that since 8 years..... he has no face, only blur skin.... and his hair looks like fire.... his figure never seems to be sharp btw.... he is always blurry, like he would be surrounded by misty smoke..... :-(

  4. seem like it like to show you?hmm..
    a secret follower? it floating? scared n not least it never harm you..only like to show to u..maybe..

  5. hehehe me too hizami!

    ja, d'lla ur right! its good i am still alive... huhu

  6. I'm a vampire. And I can't help it. I can't even understand myself. I just happen to be this way. I didn't choose to lead my life this way. I've been trying to reveal myself to sunlight, but concealing seems a better choice. It's the power of culture and norms. Go against it, and you're digging your own grave.