Sunday, May 2, 2010

How to survive Techno-Mania: Friendship!

Who does not know the feelings? Your day is totally crazy and wild and insane... A lot of things are frustrating you... and that on a Sunday, where you should enjoy your free time!
Many scientists of many different fields made a research and found out what you need to survive even days like that: FRIENDS!

In this article you will find an incomplete collection of examples, what a friend who tries to cheer you up can look like:

But that is not all a friend can do, fooling around is of course a lot of fun and can often bring a lot of joy, but sometimes there are things bothering you, that even can make you feel like it could not be any worst.

Today, was a day where I suddenly had to feel like this. My project leader wrote me an intimidating email, my mum told me that my grandmother is sick, Maike wrote to me that she became sick... sigh....

I found a picture how I could have looked like this early afternoon:

Not so optimistic right? Now people may wonder what my headline could mean? Of course there is a story behind it: The earlier mentioned Email from my project leader.... the content of the Email was really intimidating me. Threating me like I did misuse the System for fun. Of course I didn't! I didn't even misuse it... I just opened my computer like everyday, I installed new software on it a day before and it worked... so on Saturday, I started the software another time... but then! Connection Refused! I wondered what's wrong, so I wrote to my project leader... then Sunday I do get a Big Boom reply! Telling me it's my fault that I am a windows user and everything.... OMG..... All I wanted to do was to make sure that there is a problem from my side or there side... the crazier is, that the Software without any changes on my computer works again... so... what should be wrong?? I felt so frustrated and totally spammed over with unuseful technical stuff.

I was so frustrated that I really needed somebody to talk to... so I reported what happened how shocked I am to one of my very and very best friends... First he didn't really understand what was wrong (but neither did I), but he listened well and carefully.... and understood it completely, asking me some questions... and then he said it:

"Just sing!"

OMG.... I did never know that somebody can know me that well... He said this words and suddenly all my bad feeling of frustration was gone and I had to smile very big... It is really beautiful and a very great feeling, if you see that somebody knows you better than yourself.
I was too frustrated to even think about singing... but the thought to sing a song and to live on gave me a really great feeling.

Never will I forget this day, never will I forget these words.... I never knew they could make me that emotional, but I have to let it out....

Now my project work is nearly finished..... and I did it while singing!

For everybody who knows my facebook: One of the singing experiments can be found there (thanks Nina!) ;-)


  1. nina likes this, need to sing more hihihihi ;) and smile more

  2. All together is the best ! :-)

  3. U're lucky to have that friend around you! :) so, now you know, "Just Sing!" hehe

    I am in the midst of my workload now too! guess I should try singing too!!!

    Hope your MAY will become merrier and happier and bigger! :)

    With love,

  4. Oh ya..... I cannot wait to see its improvements ^_^

  5. keep on crazy..haha..i feel good..

  6. Yeah Tony....Never forget these two words...And remember one thing..No matter what happens,you should always know, that we will always be by your side...

  7. Thank you so muches! Same counts for you, you know?