Saturday, May 1, 2010

Matter of Strategy: Indonesian Survival

Hadirin dan Hadirat!

As some of you may already know, a airplane will deliver me straight towards Jakarta at 28th of August this year! The beautiful country of Indonesia will host me for 30 full days!

Now I am wondering about a lot of things. As I never was in any foreign country by my own, there are many things to plan and to know. Somehow, all the warnings from my family members and other Germans do intimidate me a little bit. So I would be a little bit please, if you all can help me with "How to" instead of telling me lots of warnings like "You will get sick, you will get hurt, you will have problems with.....". Of course there are a lot of things to realize and to know about, but I am willing to study it all and to prepare myself really well. I won't go there blind.

I am really happy to have the chance to travel to a place where I always wanted to be... and also, to get a lot of good opportunities. During the time I am going to be there, Idul Fitri (Hari Raya) will be celebrated on 10th of September. And I am going to experience how it is truly celebrated in a beloved atmosphere of a family (thank you Irvan for your invitation.... I feel really blessed).
My other fixed plans are to visit Surabaya, Yogjakarta, Gunung Bromo and a few days of Bali (even as Bali has not the really MUST BE priority). I'll attend the travel with two of my good friends, but later on, there are many things I may have to do by my own.

I already informed myself somehow, but still I feel like "what is going to happen, what kind of adventure will I experience?". So I ask you all, what kind of recommendations or insider tips to do you have for a Bule like me to have a good, nice and safe stay and journey? As everybody knows, I can be clumsy, naive and sometimes not that aware of my surroundings, but I am going to do my very best to be strong and experienced! :)

First, I want to tell you, anytime you would like to write an email to me, my Blog-Email adress is Paklung.Tony - AT - (also linked in my profile). Every nice mail will be answered, others will be ignored... haha ^_^ I hope I wont be flooded, otherwise its hard to answer all messages ;) But in the other hand, its better than an empty mail box!

My first step now is to make a surely and fixed travel plan. I know, there are many good places I would like to visit, but I will have to sieve... huhu... 30 days already do not seem to be enough...

As I planned to write it, I was thinking about asking many questions, but somehow, my head is empty for questions right now... So.... maybe you can freely give me advices?

New posts about Indonesia are surely gonna come!

Oh, one question is in my mind:
"How to I 100%ly perfectly prepare for a 30 days vacation, what should I definitely take with me from Germany? Expect clothes of course, hehehe"

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend!




  1. You'll definitely enjoy ur summer in Indonesia...take good care of urself...and just have fun!!!

  2. I'll defintely run gila... haha

  3. hope u enjoy urself..hmm never been to indon..careful with people who taking advantages to out ur happen anywhere around the world..
    lots great places to go..Bandung is peaceful..
    food i guess no long as ur tounge taste delicious..ready ur money to bargain and buy lots of cheap souvenier..fabric..various of type-can give ur mom-

  4. Makasih, D'lla =)
    I will try to be together with friends most of the times... I do not want to get lost or cheated too easily... haha

  5. sama-sama kawan.good luck..i think u need help pak supir..haha.. er.indon language..a person whom guide you..i think u can ask the hotel officer..hehe..

  6. the most important thing is: HAVE FUN AND ENJOY YOURSELF! maybe you could even know yourself more on this journey! like a soul-searching journey! hehehe..

    Remember to have the time of your life and be safe! :)

    take care while you're at Indonesia!

    With Love,

  7. thank you muches ^^

    D'lla: I am the paklung, is pak supir related to that? =)

    Wee: Thank you sooo much! If I come back with a long white beard... you know why :P

  8. I've been anticipating for the Indonesia visit posts.