Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Never-ending Story: Raise and Fall

"What rises may fall, what has fallen may rise again"

Quote from the World of Darkness

Who does not know the story of the rise and fall of all the ancient and medieval kingdoms. The sand of time never stands still and even during the newest century, you can feel how kings or presidents are born, how long battles are held, many soldiers fall and new armies are settling up. You will never know what tomorrow will offer to you. Inside of this chaos called world, there is one single person standing, trying to find a home, to settle, to take a grip. All in all time and life seems like a whirlwind, whirling you around, you never know where you end up.

I experience the up and downs inside of that chaos very often. But I never kept myself down for long. Somehow I always am feeling like a confident kind of problem-solver. I experienced many falls in my life already, maybe not as many as other people felt, but yes, I did have my own private falls. Shattering kingdoms inside my heart, fade aways from loved ones, abandoned dreams.... Everybody experiences such things, but we should not keep staying inside of that negative void. Happiness can be found everywhere, if you accept it, rises can be found everywhere if you search for them. Nothing in this world works like a perpetuum mobile. You have to put energy on it.

Now, there may be a border for you to build up rises: Endurance. I know its hard to find the endurance to go on and move on like a machine. But nobody in the whole world said that you have to be like an endurable non-stop working zealot. Take your rests, take your times. Enjoy friendships and company. And if you think you do not have friends, stop complaining about it, start to find a way how to make them. Life is always threating the people the best, that do handle, that are brave.

I know, this all may sound bad, if you really feel lost, alone, left behind.... but in my opinion, even for you, there is a way for help. I realized, there are much more opportunities to enjoy life, than you may ever think of. And if you really feel worst, try to find help at places where you can await help. Do not be scared to stand towards your feelings. You do not need to share them with everybody, but you should share them with who you think you can. Or at least somebody, who can help you rising your head up again.

In my opinion, life may be a miracle, but there are patterns and rules in life, that you can hold and stick on, to be a good person, and somebody who enjoys a lot of love towards himself, and can offer a lot of love to others. Yes its true, love is a really important energy for everybody. Do not regret it, life is the great feeling of love.

Start today and love yourself. Soon you will seen you're loved by others. It works for me - my faith is with me that it will also work for you. And if you have any doubts, I officially say here: My love is with you.

So enjoy the day, and be happy, ok ???



  1. er..i always been in that loneliness..huhuu..
    my loneliness will vanish after a long wait..fuhh

  2. Wonderful words from a wonderful person. All the encouragments are welcome in a rainy boring morning when you feel you don't have any reason to smile.We all have ups and downs and struggles with ourselfs but we must keep our head up. The sunn will always come up after the rain.

  3. @D'lla: Your loneliness will vanish after a long wait, but if you do it right, maybe you can make it vanish even today. Always know, that you are not alone and are not left alone, ok? :)

    @anonymous: sadly, i don't know who you are, as your writing anonymous, but it seems like your knowing me quite well. so I want to give you my best regards and thanks, whoever you may be:)

    @patrick: thank you, my dear brother. :)

  4. vanish that loneliness also come with a big sacrifice..haha..life is getting wonderful day by day..i almost make it till the end :D

  5. hehe.... vanish loneliness is not the same as vanish unhappiness, u know? =) do not sacrifice your happiness.... you know, ppl that even have many ppl around can be lonely and ppl that have nobody can be happy....

    i hope the sun is shining towards you almost every day =)

  6. yeah..im looking for it..fuhh..life must go on..
    erk..this week kinda emotional a bit..haha..maybe due to i watched sad drama..adehh

  7. awwwww.... emotional week here also..... even at work I had to fight hard... omg!

    cheer up ok? ill do same :)

  8. It'll be up and running again. Nothing is permanent in life. :D always remember that.

  9. hahaha... sure sure weehan!

    i am still thinking what to write next... but still have got no big idea.... maybe in da next days something can appear =)

  10. It's the uncertainty that hurts. I'm not sure of what future holds for me.