Sunday, December 11, 2011

Never-ending Story: The wolf pack

Everybody knows it: You are the lonesome wolf, an individual that works like a machine on it's own. You think you are on your own, you think you wander through your own wild steppe. You think you have to deal with all your problems alone. You think you are alone and left behind: You are so untrue! No matter what happens, you always have other wolves not far from you, that hear your howl, that know when something is wrong, that read your mind, that make you cope all kind of problems. You and them, you are like a loose pack of wolves.

Sometimes you are lucky and you have wolves around you that are not that much out of sight, you see them often, they care for you any second in over all completeness. Then, there are the wolves that are always hiding somewhere, and you would never think they have an eye on you... but the moment they see you are in danger, they jump out of their hiding and strengthen you without being asked. There are the wolves, that just watch and don't act but wait for you telling them about your need. They all make up your own individual wolf pack.

When I think of that, I always think of the Quentin Tarantino Movie Reservoir Dogs: How all the Mr.'s that never really saw each other before found a pack of wolves that go on with a mission together.

And yeah, I am so in need of my wolf pack right now. And I see, that I am the kind of lonesome wolf that did not showed up in sight since a very long time. I was happy with staying somewhere in my own hut, my hut of happiness... and I need to get my acceptance from the rest of the wolves back, as it is hopeless to think that I would ever be back into the hut I did build up before...

It might be a hard work, but now I am really in need to find a new kind of wolf pack to surround myself with, or reactivate the wolves I were used to had but were not spending time on or with since such a long time. And then, I have to accept the wolves that really try to help me, but that also have their own fight to do. I should not bother them too much.

A wolf pack, and I need to manage it. After all, I think it fits well... cause we all humans are wolves right?

As who I read this: Yes, I need to get my wolf pack, but I am also not really in need to beg or desperately surround myself with random wolves. The ones I can depend on will surround myself by themselves, 'cause that's how a wolf pack works like.

I might be silent for a while, but you still know where to find me, kan? <3