Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Matter of Strategy: Focus and Discipline

As a sensitive person that is easy to upset or to worry, it is sometimes really hard for me to keep focused. I can find so many distractions everywhere... here the main distractions that keep me away from my actual all so important work that I had to do:

- invitations to a million of events: it is always hard for me to say no, especially to all the tempting things I like to do so much. Restless I go from place to place till I start to feel I need a break. It shouldn't be my free time that is exhausting me more than my work, right?

Luckily, I finally managed to NOT take too many invitations during weekdays any more. All the leaving work earlier to be on a place on time, sleeping late at 1 am and then waking up at 7... It was enough. I learned to say no if someone asks me out to a too complicated plan on weekdays.

- family war: it is really serious, and it goes on since months, and it gets worse and worse. it is really difficult to not get emotionally attached to that kind of stuff. We are one family and we should not keep on fighting and scolding till fainting with a big headache, right?

I did not really find a solution for that beside avoiding to take my old role as the family problem solver. Ordinary, my whole family asked me about any concerns, and I were the moderator and negotiator. Sadly, I feel a bit tired of the kind of fights that are going on that even I cannot fix any more. At the moment, I better silence my voice and watch the course everything is going.

- judgement and hatred: I never really understood, what I did that causes all this, but recently it became a really growing issue. Gossip about me never seems to stop recently, and I start feeling confused sometimes who is still a friend of mine. It was really tiring to make so many thoughts about that actually.

At least I never lost my friendliness. I never judged back, and I never searched revenge. I just decided, that I have to stay away from all the negative energy that some people like to spread for a while. And I had to do a big sacrifice, of course with the hope that it will spread something good again. I meditated a lot recently to stay calm and to make the negativeness leaving myself alone. It is hard to do if others always bring on some more, but I think I am on the good path to find peace.


Thanks for reading what keeps me busy recently. As you can see, I have three big things that distract me too easily from my actual work. And the answer to all the three things seem to be:

- a rational mind: it does not help to be impulsive. In tantrums we so often think too fast, and a lot of rude stuff that annoy people. There is no emotion.
- a lot of patience: no matter how upset you are, breath calmly, think twice... the best medicine is to take a nap first. There is peace.
- awareness: have a good perception on what happens and what is necessary to do. There is no ignorance.
- react smart: after you kept your emotions behind and emptied your mind and saw what is necessary to do, do it! if there are some problems that need more information, get them. There is knowledge.
- don't panic if all seems to go wrong: on any moment possible, as you took your actions and suddenly saw that that your current doing does not work out that way, go back to step one, but do not do something futile! There is no death.
- be strong and confident: like in my former blog post, it is always very important to keep believing in yourself. you have got the power to solve everything, you can ask others for help, but in the end, it all depends on you. be proud and remember you can only succeed if you know how. There is the force.

As you see, I cited the Jedi Code, for the one and only reason: It is not telling anything wrong! In fact, it is pure helpful wisdom in dark times... even I should know better as a Sith, but I tell you next time, why the sith code is also correct =)

Cheers and sampai jumpa lagi (see you next time!)


  1. During many of my audit visits, i always said one mist be fully aware of their surrounding as awareness will create space for one to change with everyone n anything. Ignorance kills. But of course humans have their own sets of mind (each have their own brain) making things not as easy as it looks. Its all depends on how their perceive.

    We are all jedi in a way...

  2. be mindful in the now and where you are but be open to the future and the possibilities, but not to the expense of the present - Qui-Gon Jin ;)

  3. it is never easy, if it would, we all would be enlighten by the force and forget all the things that hinder us.