Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How to survive Abandonment: Keeping the eyes open.

Brief Intro

Having spent some time in retrospection of the various events of this year, I finally realized that the flood of new experiences and influences did cloud my vision and discernment. I deeply apologize to everyone that I have been giving too much egocentricity in between this year.

As you guys already know, I started to found a new life by the beginning of this year. Soon, with the moving into my new own apartment, there will be another change in my life. I know that I did sometimes forgot my humbleness and spammed people a lot with information about all the great experiences I have. This has to stop, I do not want to annoy people with talking too much about myself anymore.

The fragile art of self-reflection

Self-reflection is not easy, which is really obvious. We need to stop and take a breath and break out of our daily and ordinary doings to realize that there might be something suspicious or wrong about our executed deeds.
“I think making mistakes and discovering them for yourself is of great value, but to have someone else to point out your mistakes is a shortcut of the process.”

This quote is really true. But almost always, people are too polite to directly tell you your mistakes. They will prefer to avoid you or give you some kind of response that is hiding the message. In my point of view, the reaction on you done by other people is mostly the best help and assistance you can have and to learn. But is really difficult as well.

What happens when you are already avoided by many? If you do not self-reflect and find the real reason in your inner-self, a change about the situation is never going to happen. But people fear change, and I just read an article that there are way more people that fear success than anyone would expect. It is difficult to make a change or to make a difference... It is way easier to dumb your senses by self-comforting sadness.

"Be yourself beautiful, and you will find the world full of beauty."

If you talk about your misery and sadness all the time, how can you achieve happiness? It is not always about yourself, and the world is also not only about yourself. In my point of view, self-reflection is only a limited tool:

Yes, we do need to look upon ourselves and wonder "How would I react to a person like me? Is there anything I could improve in my daily behaviors?" but we have to be firstly consistently and secondly cordial. We need to be aware that we cannot change our subconscious rules, but we can give it the necessary impulse or stimuli to change it's set rules and conditions.

Spiritual Guidance

During my days, months and years, I often lost track of spiritual guidance. At first, the absence will not really be realized, sad but true. Only when I get reminded by a tiny but unmistakable occurrence, I repent and see my own failure.

Ramadan is coming soon, and I really have set the goal to use the possibility to regain spiritual stability and to regain my humbleness and discipline. I wish you all to gain the same. Please take the possibility to gain guidance and enlightenment. None of us is perfect but we all can rely on all the pillars offered to us.

Some people make their goals the stars,
They may live and die never reaching them,
but in the darkness of the night, those stars will guide them to their destination,
because they put them in their sights.
How long will you keep pounding on an open door
Begging for someone to open it?

- Rabia al-Adawiyyah

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