Sunday, September 28, 2014

Never-Ending Story: What is love in a world full of reason?

After a night full of insomnia, full of thoughts that kept me imprisoned in a semi-somnolent dream, I have to write down some sentences, right out of my heart.

"Love does not dominate; it cultivates." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I was questioned the question that did start all this endless thinking: "What is your type?" I began to wonder and started to realise: The world is so full of reasons, even reasons for loving. Mainly, I have always been so optimistic to think that you love because of love but yes... even a romantic idealist as I am, has got a type - even I never explicitly manifested that somewhere before.

I started to group and cluster all kind of answers that came present inside of my head. The immense overwhelming thoughts kept me awake and busy. To bring reason into this aimless exposure of my brain cells, I severed myself from the results of a workshop about "private virtues" in life. Why? Because I think it makes sense that all your virtues are more or less to be fulfilled with someone you love. You won't want to be with someone who hinders or blocks your goals or purpose in life, right?

I do not analyse the whole list of the 10 virtues that came up as a result and they are not prioritised.

  1. Progress
  2. Yes! Yes! Love means progress, and I could never understand how some people seem to deny love or a relationship because they think it blocks/brakes them down or similar! Love is one of the best motivators in life! It means progress! You can progress with someone to something you have never been before! As long as you choose - of course - someone who brings you forward and is interested in mutual support and care. Love should never be one-sided. I know, Love is sometimes blind,I know, but that does not mean you should not try to see "Where it could progress to".

  3. Fun
  4. Yes! To love and be loved is of course sometimes very challenging and also not easy, but who said Fun equals Easy? That Equation does not count for me. To me, Love is not boring, it is fun and makes life interesting. It is more boring and less fun if you go along the planet completely lost and alone. Of course, you can have good times by yourself, but sharing your stories, who would mind? I love challenges and I always believe that every problem is divided by two if you are with someone.

  5. Loyalty

  6. Yes! Ever since I started to think, I believed in loyalty. Sometimes, I even idealised it too much. But where else - if not in love - you can  find this unlimitedly beautiful thing called determined loyalty? I always remember how often I was so loyal even to the point that I did hurt myself.  And still, it never felt like it was a wrong thing to be. The ones that are wrong are the ones that misused my trust, my determined mind, isn't it?

  7. Partnership

  8. Yes! It seems to be obvious, but sometimes it isn't. Love and relationship is mutual. You are partners! None of both should dominate the other. A clear communication and mutual respect is very necessary. And of course trust.

  9. Intelligence

  10. Yes! Even it is of course not the interpretation most people would put into it. To me, intelligence flows in many directions and could be anything that keeps someone on a good level for blossoming conversation, treasured dates and mutual thinking. I know, I sometimes lack in conversation myself but I think I couldn't go for someone I could not talk with. I love to talk.

  11. Curiosity

  12. Yes! Be curious about me! I am also curious about you! Life is too beautiful to be a mindless stone, explore! Go somewhere! Travel with me! Conquer with me!

  13. Responsibility
  14. Yes! To be with someone means to be also responsible for his own actions. To me, any kind of relationship is like being like a small little family. I do not want to harm my family and I have to be responsible for being a good 'husband' or 'partner'. I expect the same.

Now, 7 is a lucky number and I do not want to bore you, dear readers :)
I just needed to write some of my thoughts down before it drives me sleepless for some other nights... As I can see now, my type of person is more clear to me now.

Talk to you soon!

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